Panel: How does Citizenship Education affect Inequalities?

Panel: How does Citizenship Education affect Inequalities?

Introduction: Anja Neundorf, University of Glasgow, UK

Discussion with
Rachel Binnie
, Glasgow City Council, UK
Anja Neundorf
, University of Glasgow, UK
Felisa Tibbitts
, Columbia and Utrecht Universities, USA and The Netherlands

Facilitation: Caroline Hornstein Tomic, Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, NECE Advisory Board, Croatia

If citizenship education supplied knowledge and promotes participation among structurally disadvantaged groups, it could help them raise their voices in a public discussion and defend their interests as citizens. Can and should citizenship educators focus more clearly on working with disadvantaged groups? How can it provide spaces where inequalities can be studied, debated and comprehended? What kind of knowledge, critical reflection and public support are needed for such an engagement to be successful?

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