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NECE Conference 2020

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Reconnecting in a post pandemic world. Citizenship education for democracy and sustainability.

5 – 7 November 2020, live from Berlin, Germany

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MyNewEurope – Ideas for a sustainable Europe

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OPENING by Maja Göpel

Maja Göpel, author of the bestseller ‘Rethinking Our World’ and director of The New Institute, will give a keynote on Rethinking our World – Reconciling Climate Change & Democracy. She talks about the need to rethink sustainability in a global and systemic way and discusses the question of how the necessary major transformations can be achieved in democratic systems. Her contribution will be commented by Grace Maingi, executive director at Uraia Trust, Kenya. (© Kai Müller)

Climate change as a symptom of the ecological crisis, the digital revolution and globalisation are shaping people’s living conditions. They reinforce each other and have the potential to trigger political, economic and social upheavals. In the face of a world ‘out of joints’, many people lose confidence in the values of democracy and in the ability of the state to shape the future. Citizenship education as a pluralistic offer for fair debates, diversity of perspectives, further education and an invitation to participate is more in demand than ever in a time when it is necessary to reconcile emotions with facts.

NECE 2020 will focus on the central role of citizenship in dealing with the coming changes. Core topics will be the problems of man-made climate change, the transformation to a sustainable economic and growth model (including the European Green Deal) and the possibilities and limits of digital technology. Interactive platforms for ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Action’ will offer ideas and best practice, practical offers and formats for participation. Open and participatory spaces invite to network with experts, civil society actors and policy makers from Europe, the MENA region and Africa. Well-known European and global voices will critically reflect on climate debates and address topics such as ‘climate justice’ and ‘just transition’.

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