WORKSHOP: Tools for Citizens

07 Sep 2018
17:30 - 18:30
Petit Plateau

WORKSHOP: Tools for Citizens

A workshop by

Marischa Weiser, MitOst e.V.

“Tools for Citizens” aims to empower civil society actors and to strengthen civil society organizations through providing a DIY Toolbox. Using Toolbox, a team, organization, or initiative can explore its untapped potential and capacity building need. From identifying needs to implementing a tailor-made workshop to address those needs, Toolbox houses an online library of proven Paths, methods, tools, and tips for DIY capacity building. A team can find and try out new tools, or choose from an array of predesigned Paths (workshop outlines). With providing these tools, the project supports civil society actors to navigate in times of crisis, uncertainty and complexity.

The workshop will present and test the “Tools for Citizens” toolbox.
The Toolbox addresses in particular civil society actors working in times of crisis, complexity and uncertainty. It is especially made for civil society actors in small and grass root organizations, initiatives, and informal groups without access to the resources of a metropolitan city.