WORKSHOP: La formation des citoyens à l’école?

07 Sep 2018
16:30 - 18:30
Salle Seita

WORKSHOP: La formation des citoyens à l’école?

Shared dilemmas and common perspectives for the future of civic education in schools

A workshop by

Andrea Szukala, University of Münster, in collaboration with Lisa Schenkel & Eva Thesling, University of Münster

The workshop addresses current debates about civic education in schools in context of societies under stress. The notion of “failed citizenship” promotes a critical view on civic education in schools and suggests that current civic education programmes are as much part of the problem as of the solution of phenomena such as political disintegration and juvenile political alienation.

The workshop is based on a twofold approach:
First, civic educators discuss current political claims on civic education in schools and methodologically focus the dilemmas, which are inherent in the new educational politics of an education for citizenship in times of societal conflicts and crisis.

In a second phase, participants refocus the results of the workshop’s first part and prioritize the common challenges.
Potential issues to be addressed:
• “Le Vivre ensemble” : Schools as “just communities” ?
• Teacher-Learner conflicts *** Les conflits entre elèves et professeurs
• Les didactiques de l’éducation morale et civique *** The Didactics of civic education in times of a new focus on moral values
• Evaluation versus reflexion ? Education civique entre evaluation scolaire et ambition critique

Participants and Results
The workshop aims at pragmatically unfolding and structuring the current debate to produce a first list of priorities for working on these issues in a transnational context. Participants are school teachers, teacher educators, academics and other professionals from the civic educational sphere.