WORKSHOP: Brexit Café

07 Sep 2018
16:30 - 17:30
Les Grandes Tables

WORKSHOP: Brexit Café

A workshop by

Kayleigh Dearstyne-Hulin & Amelie Godfrey, My Life My Say

Through their signature format Cafés, My Life My Say have re-invigorated the 17th century tradition of communities coming together in local coffee-houses to discuss issues. By using a non-threatening environment, they create a safe-space for young people to express themselves and to discuss their opinions on matters that affect them. People attending the cafés begin to understand that by discussing their concerns together, they are working to strengthen their understanding of democracy and how to address the current issues such as radicalisation, unconscious manipulation of the media and barriers to their becoming politically active or trusting of democratic institutions. The Brexit Café workshop at the NECE  conference forms part of a series of Cafés in the UK and Europe.


My Life My Say