Enter the MEDIA LAB a digital wonderland in which participants can experience media first-hand. It is a collective space where we invite you to boost your knowledge about multimedia tools. Film, record, write, exchange, and broadcast about the subject of the conference (democracy, citizenship) and discover participative and creative ways of consuming and producing information.

Participants will be invited to consider the critical issue of representation of the actors operating in the field of citizenship and education in the media and public opinion. The challenges of formulating and transmitting the information in a participative and democratic way will be addressed.

The new technologies of information and communication, especially with the development of social medias, offer great opportunities to share and communicate, creating the connected communities of the 2.0 world. At the same time, this movement of democratisation is perverted by numerous misuses,  who design a « post-truth era », blurring the distinction beetween information and fiction and keeping the illusion that a media could be « immediate ». Being aware of how these practices are increasing is necessary to invente a personnal and collective adequate answer.

NET LAB – Websites, blogs & social medias
Samuel WAHL (chief editor – Boulègue TV)

  • Session 1 : Misinformation: Learn how a flow of fake news can be produced on line by easily appropriated tools. Considering them, the limits of legal answers in different countries and the risk for the democracy, in terms of censorship, to let the entire control to the main plateforms of the GAFFA, become aware about the responsability of each citizen, and learn good practices in this domain.
  • Session 2 : Blogging, micro-blogging: Each one, according to his capacity, can contribute to the expression of democraty by taking part to the expression and information by the citizens themselves. By using different platforms and multiplying the points of view, the blog of the MediaLab will organised the contents created in the different workshops, to publish them in real time. Comments and others contents (photos, videos, sounds, quotes), can be added with speficic hashtags every day by the participants.

POCKET LAB – How to make a video with your smartphone
Laetitia GAU & Mathias MENU (filmakers, videoeditors and scenarists – Boulègue TV)

  • Session 1 : Facts and interpretations
    Different methods to avoid clichés about your range of action.
  • Session 2 : « Cadavre exquis »
    A game consisting of creating pictures from traces left by a previous participant : step by step, individuals images become a story written by a group.

AUDIO LAB – Recording and editing podcasts
Thomas DESSET (radio producer) & Marie-Noëlle BATTAGLIA (documentary maker)

  • Session 1 : Citizen voices, facing the words.
    Technics to interview, technics to be interviewed, conduct a collective debate.
  • Session 2 : Citizenship, citizenships ?
    Collecting words, collecting sounds, articulate a purpose by composing a sound landscape.

EDITING LAB – Writing for web or newspapers
Sébastien BOISTEL (journalist « le Ravi » and President of Medias Citoyens Paca)
Assistant & translation : Margaux CAPEL (Media Fellow)

  • Session 1 & 2 : Subjectivity/objectivity : dynamic approachs and processes for a living writing.
    Tell your better/worst experience in terms of citizenship. Mention the most relevant moment of the conference regarding to your point of view. Spotlight a reverse angle of the conference. Speak about/with someone you were surprised to meet a the conference…

Assistants for translation : Marwan SAROUT and volonteers from the association Eurasianet.

> Please note that this workshop will be followed by the Field Trip « Marseille, capitale des médias pas pareils ».