LECTURE: Lobbying for Change

07 Sep 2018
14:00 - 15:00
Grand Plateau

LECTURE: Lobbying for Change

A lecture by

Alberto Alemanno, HEC Paris and New York University School of Law

We’re living in troubled times. Many democratic societies are experiencing a crisis of faith. People are making clear their frustration with supposedly representative governments, and yet feel powerless to effect change. Populists are capitalising on this disconnection and discontent.

What can we do to fix democracy, get our voices heard and create a better society?

The answer, argues leading academic, civic entrepreneur and advocate Alberto Alemanno, is to become citizen lobbyists – learning the tools that traditional corporate lobbyists use, but to advance causes we really care about.

We all have skills that we can use to mobilise others and achieve change. Switching off is no longer an option. We all have the power – we just have to learn how to unleash it. Alberto has been part of dozens of campaigns across Europe and he collected many of them in his book Lobbying for Change which demystifies and democratises lobbying.



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