FUTURE LAB: “Minecraft” for Citizenship Education?

08 Sep 2018
09:30 - 11:00
Petirama 2

FUTURE LAB: “Minecraft” for Citizenship Education?

The use of digital games in education

A workshop organised and facilitated by

Chris Krier, elementary school teacher, Luxembourg

Digital games have found their way into the classroom. If used correctly, they can be an important tool to foster the learning process effectively, especially among younger learners. If used correctly, they offer ways to engage the students in critical thinking, discussion leading and problem-solving, all of which play a key role in civic education.

Participants will be able to play a selection of games and reflect on them through the lens of civic education.


  • familiarize with the concept of digital game-based learning
  • play and discover digital games
  • discuss opportunities for using digital games in educational settings

Material: Laptops with pre-installed games will be provided

Number of participants: 16