FUTURE LAB: Migration

FUTURE LAB: Migration

Reaching out in Citizenship Education: Examples from Morrocco, Egypt, Hungary

A future lab facilitated by

Maja Dobiaz-Krysiak, Center for Citizenship Education, Poland

M’hamed En-Nosse, International Foundation for Training & Development, Morocco, Project: The Moroccan Forum for Youth Tolerance
Peter Neumann, Haver & Bettina Pocsai, Uccu, Hungary, Project: Facing Antisemitism and Antigypsyism
Elhossien Mohamed, My Point, Egypt, Tawsol Summer School for Kids

Class of reversed cartography. Changemakers from the European boundaries.

The FUTURE LAB format is designed to focus on best practises of citizenship education in three national contexts, facing currently various social challenges – Morroccan, Egyptian and Hungarian. Those three significant perspectives of European boundaries are a very good starting point to visualise new problems the whole Europe is facing (or will be facing very soon) and find ways to counteract them.

Expert organisations are going to present and discuss their methods and concepts of citizenship education in the form of Word Cafe. The close focus on three different methodologies will arise a discussion on the most crucial areas and issues for the future of citizenship education.

In the end of the FUTURE LAB the participants will be invited to inductive thinking session in order to prioritize the factors that will impact the job of citizenship educators in the nearest future.