FUTURE LAB: Democracy

FUTURE LAB: Democracy

Building democratic competences in difficult times

A future lab facilitated by

Agata Łuczyńska, School with Class Foundation

Artemis Fyssa, ANTIGONE, Greece, Project: Schools for Change
Andrea Michalcová, European Values Think Tank, Czech Republic, Project: Life in a Democracy
Filip Pazderski, Institute of Public Affairs, Poland, Project: Building Constructive Dialogue in Central Europe
Bojana Selaković, Civic Initiatives, Serbia, Project: Switch off Prejudices
In the time of erosion of public trust in liberal democracy, of a growing polarization and radicalization, we need to look for new formats and strategies of developing democratic competences.

This Future Lab session will unite practitioners from different European countries whose programmes focus on building a more democratic culture in European schools and local communities. Together with the presenters and the participants, we will try to identify the impactful strategies of developing skills and values necessary for deliberative democratic participation, fighting extremism, building bridges between polarized societies and counteracting hate speech (in both formal and non-formal education, as well as in the work with local communities).

During the session we will look for answers to such challenges as:

  • How build a constructive dialogue in a time of social and political radicalization (based on the example of Poland and Hungary)? What kind social and demographic factors are driving polarization and disenfranchisement within specific communities and regions?
  • How to construct learning environments, in which people can openly ask questions, solve dilemmas, develop critical thinking and take up attitudes based on facts rather than prejudices?
  • How to strengthen the capacities of teachers/youth workers for the deliberation of topics related with the violent extremism and radicalization?
  • How to get over the distrust of young people interest towards politics and encourage them to embrace their rights and responsibilities as citizens?