FUTURE LAB: Deep vs Shallow Citizenship Education

07 Sep 2018
14:00 - 16:00

FUTURE LAB: Deep vs Shallow Citizenship Education

Introduction into the idea and its implications for citizenship education

A future lab facilitated by

Alicja Pacewicz, Center for Citizenship Education, Poland

This session will engage practitioners of citizenship education into a debate and collaborative work on the quality and meaning of CE in European schools.

It is becoming clear that both the traditional frontal „teaching of civics” and the soft interdisciplinary approach to CE have serious flaws and have proven to be ineffective in developing citizenship competences and grit necessary in times of democratic deficits and socio-economic frustration or despair. As we do not hope for the immediate revolution in the educational system, we opt for radical transformation in the practices of citizenship education, understood as day-to-day learning experience at school.

The session will focus on the realistic strategies to make CE deep rather than shallow or sham, such as e.g. whole school desing thinking approach, efforts to re-organize the architecture of learning environments, more constructive ways of dealing with conflicts and tensions in the class/school, listening to the voices of minorities, deconstructing the power of emotions, images and messages.

The presenters will briefly present their experiences in those areas and invite other participants to share their most promising practices in making CE deeper and stronger. The round table talk will end with the list/map of such impactful but down-to earth approaches to be used on daily basis in formal (and probabaly also informal) learning environments.