Registration, coffee and more…

06 Sep 2018
14:00 - 16:30

Registration, coffee and more…

Welcome to the sociocultural centre Friche la Belle de Mai!
During the registration process we invite you to start already networking with a cup of coffee in your hand or to participate in one of the parallel activities.

Parallel activities:
Please feel free to join one of the “Speed Visits of Friche La Belle de Mai” in order to learn more about this exceptional venue and its history as a tobacco factory. Or confront your own prejudices by “borrowing a human book” of the Human Library project. Or to visit the PROJECT MARKET.

Learn more about projects and ideas dealing with Citizenship Education and related topics in and around Europe!
Please be aware that also information on different NECE formats – such as the so-called FOCUS GROUPS – is available here. The organisations participating in the project market are asked to have at least one representative at the stand during the official breaks.
Are you interested in presenting your project or organisation at the PROJECT MARKET? Please get in touch with Susanne at

All interested guests meet at the registration desk for spontaneous guided walks through the venue. Small groups of guests will then have the opportunity to see different parts of the sociocultural centre, ask questions and to learn more about the role of the centre, the district and its inhabitants. The tours will be guided by representatives of local initiatives and organisations.

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