Confronting Inequalities!
The Role of Citizenship Education

NECE 2019 aims to explore the issue of inequalities in the development of young people’s citizenship and political identity.
We will ask how deprivation – in its various forms and especially in the context of widening inequality – affects the way that young people think of themselves as citizens of a city, a country or of the international community.

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NECE 2019 will provide a platform for more than 40 speakers and more than 400 participants from Europe and beyond to discuss the challenges of growing inequalities for citizenship education. Everyone is invited to join these discussions, present their research, their reflections and their examples of good practice. The diverse conference programme with its panels, workshops, lectures, field trips and Open Spaces will give space and opportunity to develop ideas for an adaption of tools and instruments in and out of schools towards disadvantaged youth (and citizens).

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