Brave New Worlds?!

The Future of Democracy and Citizenship Education

About this conference

The conference “Brave New Worlds?!” – taking its cue from Aldous Huxley’s famous 1932 dystopia – hinges on three interconnected challenges for democracies and citizenship education in a rapidly transforming world:

  • the ongoing crises of Western liberal democracies and the worldwide trend of a ‘democratic recession’ (Larry Diamond), demonstrated by the rise of nationalist and populist forces in Europe and in other parts of the world. How can citizenship education confront these trends –intellectually and practically?
  • the (inevitable) and ambivalent role of emotions driving our responses and reactions to a world shaped by uncertainties, fears and ‘out and beyond our control’. How do we get emotions and politics right? How can we reach “a new emotional deal”? How does it affect citizenship education?
  • the ongoing technological transformation that digitises our everyday life, giving large technological companies and social media groups the power to manipulate globally. Can citizenship education burst (the) bubbles?

This year’s NECE conference in Marseille will focus on these transnational processes and provide a platform where citizens from more than 40 countries can discuss how to re-invent democratic representation and citizenship education – both in terms of countries and disciplines.

Our goals are:

  • enabling citizenship educators and citizenship activist to discuss and find concepts, ideas and tools to deal with crises and complexity
  • offering a platform for different political views, perspectives, concepts and approaches to citizenship and education
  • contributing to new alignments among citizenship professionals and activists to make advocacy and civic action on the European level more relevant
  • building new networks and facilitating joint action with providers of citizenship education in France and the Marseille region.

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Day 1
06 Sep 2018
Day 2
07 Sep 2018
Day 3
08 Sep 2018
Day 4
09 Sep 2018