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Opening by Thomas Krüger, 6/9/18
Welcome by Christoph Müller-Hofstede, 6/9/18
Keynote by Latifa Ibn Ziaten, 6/9/18
Keynote by Fernando Vallespí­n, 7/9/18
Keynote by Emily O’Reilly, 8/9/18

Round Table: Où en sont-elles, l’éducation et la citoyenneté en France?, 6/9/18
Abstract by Claire Demesmay
Abstract by Claude Proeschel
Abstract by Tahar Rabahi

Panel I: Turning back the tide, but how? Citizenship Education for a citizens’ Europe, 7/9/18
Abstract by Edit Inotai
Abstract by Niccolò Milanese

Panel II: Emotions and Politics: Ideas and formats for citizenship educators
Abstract by Ola Hnatiuk
Abstract by Karin Wahl-Jorgensen

Panel III: Fake News Worlds – Can citizenship education burst (the) bubbles?
Abstract by Florent Guignard
Abstract by Mads Vestergaard

Round Table: Desperately seeking… a future for solidarity in Europe.
Abstract by István Hegedüs
Abstract by Caroline Hornstein Tomic
Abstract by Jaroslav Kuisz

…. still more to come!


Reports on the panels and sessions will be published here from beginning of October. 

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