Joanna Bryson: The role of humans in an age of intelligent machines

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the information age are bringing us more information about ourselves and each other than any society has ever known. Yet at the same time it brings machines seemingly more capable of every human endeavour than any human can be. What are the limits of AI? Of intelligence and humanity more broadly? What are our ethical obligations to machines? Do these alter our obligations to each other? What is the basis of our social obligations?

In her lecture Joanna Bryson will argue that there are really only two problems humanity has to solve: sustainability and inequality, or put another way: security and power. Or put a third way: how big of a pie can we make, and how do we slice up that pie? Life is not a zero-sum game. We use the security of sociality to construct public goods where everyone benefits. But still, every individual needs enough pie to thrive, and this is the challenge of inequality. Joanna Bryson will argue that understanding these processes answers the questions above. She will then look at how AI is presently affecting both these problems.

The livestream ended, the video will be available shortly.

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Corona, Resilience, Citizenship: Building bridges in times of disruption

The global Corona crisis affects people all over the world: in different respect and to a different extent across and within countries and regions. It challenges governments, politicians, activists, businesses, health – educational and social systems and every citizen worldwide. It forces us to rethink fundamental concerning democracy, governance, cohesion, resilient societies, injustice or solidarity, just to name a few. More than ever, citizenship education is needed to provide reliable and evidence-based information as well as spaces for engagement and discussion for citizens – across borders.

This crisis shows yet again that we live in an interdependent world and that today’s challenges don´t stop at national borders and that they demand transnational responses.

As far as Citizenship Education is concerned we together with colleagues from different countries tried to develop and strengthen transnational exchange, networking and cooperation mostly via meetings, conferences, working groups, festivals, you name it. We took opportunities to meet and get to know one another in person for granted and now have been put on pause.

But facing todays reality it seems more important than ever to stay in touch with colleagues all over the world, share concerns and ideas and discuss recent and coming challenges of the world society through the lense of Citizenship education.

That’s the reason why we want to bring all of you together, to connect with experts and stakeholders from different regions and to take up international co-operations and debates on our new online platform bpb:connect. We feel the urgency just to start and will build it step by step.

We want to test different tools to realize diverse online formats. We will talk to our partners about How do stakeholders in Civic Education organize themselves currently and see most important challenges, we will invite experts to discuss post corona scenarios and will open different online events to the global public with the help of our partners.

Sometimes it might still be bumpy, but we try our best to work together on this idea to keep us connected!

Stay tuned on bpb:connect and join the upcoming online events!

Got a question? Or a wish (e.g. whom do you like to hear, to see and to discuss with?) Feel free to reach out to the organizers via bpbconnect@bpb.de


May 25th, 2020 7:00 pm (CEST): Making Sense of the digital Society – The role of humans in an age of intelligent machines with Joanna Bryson

May 20th, 2020 3:00 pm (CEST): Over a Coffee in Germany with Marina Weisband, Benedikt Widmaier and Miriam Herbert

May 8th 2020 all day: histoCON:LINE –  discover various dimensions of commemoration of WWII! Different online formats such histoTALK, histoVOICES, histoMEETS, histoSPOT and histoPOD will capture the voices of experts speaking on various topics related to the history of WWII and its aftermath as well as its implications for today and the future. You’ll be able to access these any time from 8 May onwards.

April 27th 2020 7:00 pm (CEST): Making Sense of the digital Society – The Crises of digital Capitalism (the video will be published here in the next days)

April 27th 2020 4:00 pm (CEST): Kick-Off bpb:connect

Crossing Borders

We want to cross borders and stay connected with you!
The current situation has led to different concrete measures, one of those is the closing of borders. This happens in a time where exchange and sharing are more important than ever. How do other countries deal with this challenging situation? Which ideas and initiatives did the citizens invent? Did our colleagues develop new formats from which we can learn? What are the main tasks now for our colleagues and us in the field of Civic Education?

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Over A Coffee

We all used to meet family, friends or colleagues over a coffee as this was one of the most normal things we globally did before Corona. Having a coffee together is an international gesture to getting together and have a talk in a friendly and unhurried atmosphere – in our daily and working life. A casual and relaxed meeting where you talk about daily stuff but also dive into serious and interesting discussions with your counterpart.
We want to bring this coffee-meeting feeling home to you and let you take part in an informative talk between experts from all over the world. 

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Many of over events are trying to foster international exchange. We are going to collect them here for you to follow up.

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