This was NECE 2019

Once again, we can look back on three intensive conference days with a great variety of inputs, talks and networking contacts.
Our special thanks go to all of you as co-producers of the Glasgow edition of NECE – especially to our partners and friends in Glasgow, Scotland and the rest of the UK.

We prepared a DOCUMENTATION page for you, where you can find the conference folder, presentations and speeches, a selection of photos, and the videos of the sessions that were streamed. 

And please, save the date 5 – 8 November 2020, because we look forward to seeing you next year at NECE 2020 in Berlin!


Confronting Inequalities! The Role of Citizenship Education

24 – 27 October 2019, Glasgow

NECE and its partners are coming to this vibrant Scottish city just a few days before the UK (including Scotland with its clear ‘Remain’ vote) is supposed to leave the European Union. Benjamin Disraeli’s observation in 1845 that Britain ‘was dividing in two nations between whom there is no intercourse and no sympathy’ seems to be resonating more than ever today. As more than 400 citizenship educators will be coming together in Glasgow, we hope to provide a platform and a space for solidarity with citizens in Britain who are – among other things – about to lose their status as European citizens once the Britain leaves the EU.

Set against the ongoing drama of Brexit (plus many other crises of democracy in the world), NECE 2019 will be looking at the issue of inequalities in the development of young people’s citizenship and political identity. What are the consequences of social injustice for the living worlds of young adults and citizens? How can citizenship education and engagement enable citizens to overcome inequalities? How can we reach out to marginalised areas and communities to bring them to the centre of the dialogue? What do we need in terms of knowledge and practice for such an engagement to be successful?

Our programme mirrors the great variety of academic and practical learning NECE with its many partners and initiatives can offer: more than 20 workshops, presentations, discussions, excursions, a Project Market and two Open Spaces will discuss the challenges of growing inequalities, its political causes and its implications for citizenship education as a profession.
As in previous years, NECE strives to be an open forum, open for you to participate with your ideas and projects (two open spaces are waiting for you to be explored) but open as well for new ideas including controversies and challenges to concepts, we take for granted.
We are looking forward to your ideas and contributions!

A big thank you to all our partners for preparing this event for more than one year, especially the new ones in Scotland such as IDEAS, WOSDEC, Bridge 47 and others, the Technology and Innovation Centre for helping with visa applications and advice, the NECE team at the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the team from labconcepts, our coordinating agency.

Christoph Müller-Hofstede, bpb/ NECE Coordination, 7 October 2019


Discover the conference programme!

Also take a look at the programme of the PARALLEL SESSIONS.

Download the full programme as PDF.

Want to know more about the concept behind this year’s conference topic? Have a look at the conceptual notes by NECE Advisory Board members Nelly Corbel, Global Civic Consulting, and Michalis Kakos, Leeds Beckett University. Download here the conceptual note by Nelly Corbel. Michalis Kakos’ note you can download as compact short version or as in-depth long version

To help you prepare for the conference, we have compiled some background reading material to the main topics in our READER. It is based on our own – selected – review of the literature and on recommendations from our speakers and panelists. Enjoy!

Day 1
24 Oct 2019
Day 2
25 Oct 2019
Day 3
26 Oct 2019
Day 4
27 Oct 2019
Susanne Ulrich


Project Market Elevator Pitch!

Susanne Ulrich

Open Space (Round 1)


Parallel Sessions (Round 1)

Coffee Break

Field Trips: Exploring Glasgow!

Susanne Ulrich

Open Space (Round 2)


Parallel Sessions (Round 2)

Nelly Corbel

Wrapping Up

A ‘Post Conference’ Cèilidh at Argyle St Arches

Speakers at NECE 2019


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